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My Dad, I'm Dad chronicles the journey of a new father in the wake of losing his own. Through reflection, humor, and honesty the host attempts to find parenting lessons in the past while preserving the memory of his Dad. A show for anyone, My Dad, I'm Dad aims to open a dialogue for listeners to share their life experiences to further the understanding that none of us are alone in the difficult things we face or the triumphs we can embrace.

Episode 15 LIVE July 4th, 9am Eastern


My Dad, I'm Dad | E15 | A Well Placed Bookmark 

In the final episode of season 1, the host comes to a realization while reflecting on a common chore he and his father loved to perform - a job complete ought to be reflected on. My Dad, I'm Dad will return in the fall. The host thanks everyone who took time out of their lives to listen.




Doug Dorda

Doug Dorda was born and raised in Michigan. A series of life-shaping misadventures through college landed him in Grand Rapids where he happily resides with his family. Doug spent several years in the Craft Beer industry before becoming a father and gladly stepping into the role of being a stay at home parent. Doug is new to the world of Podcast creation, but he loves to tell and listen to stories. Doug hopes listeners enjoy his take on reminiscence and encourages anyone to reach out and share stories of their own.

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Episode 15 LIVE July 4th, 9am Eastern