Chap's Fantasy Chat

E16 S3 | May 13, 2021 | Super 2 season and Going streaking

As we approach the ¼ mark of the MLB season, we are able to start drawing some conclusions, tonight, we will discuss some of the things we are pretty confident are true. And give the sniff test to those that we don't think can hold water. Do we think the Red Sox hot start is real? Are the Giants really NL West Contenders? We will look at these teams and the players that make up the hot starts and try to determine what is actual, and what is misleading. Also, we will discuss Hot bats and arms we can use in DFS, potential first call ups and once again try to determine who will be the hot names on NEXT week’s waiver wire. Join me Thursday night at 8 PM EST for Chap’s Fantasy Chat on iLogic media.

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