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s2 e36 | Robbie Tom Chain Raj

NFL and NCAA Football Roundtable


Clemson 52 Wake Forest 45

One Person Breakdown

UGA 39 Kent State 22

UK 31 no Illinois 23

Texas Am 23 Arkie

Michigan 34 Maryland 27

OU 14 KSU 17

USC 17 0SU 14

Mel Tucker Minnesota 34 MSU

Death of Tuck is coming

Recap another crazy week in both college & pro's

Colts 20 Chiefs 17

Vikes 28 Lions 24

Titans 24 Raiders 22

Packers 14 Bucs 12

Jags 38 LAC 10

Maimii 21 Buffalo 19

Big games this week all

Jags Eagles

Chiefs Bucs

Rams Niners


Okie State v Baylor

UK Ole Miss

Bama Arkie

Clemson NC State


Preview upcoming series between Braves/Met-how will the hurricane affect this series?

Bet your nuts

Last words

Also want to hear about the Knoxville experience last Saturday

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