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CFP Week 12 path to title game

Storylines CPF is beginning to simplify

Clemson hopes to be back alive after last week

SC path win out TCU lose or Ohio State/Michigan Lose do they need Tennessee to Lose Y OR N

LSU wins out need Tennessee to Lose Y/N

Tennessee Win Out LSU loses Y/N

TCU wins out

Michigan/OSU winner wins out

Another path for losers?


Other stories

Utah up to #10 after 0-1

UNC #12 but little hope Maye’s future

Ole Miss #14 no way Lane stays

ND #18 rising from dead

UCF #20 does Auburn regret?

Tulane #21 great year

Oregon State #23

These are 60-second Topics

Titans 4-5-1 still time to save season Veable as coach

Minnesota and Buffalo GOY

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