Blake and Duke explore the fascinating world of fine brews, horror, fantasy, and science fiction in books, film, pulp magazines and music. Grab your favorite craft beer and come along for the ride.

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The Best Laid Plans "Plan 9 From Outer Space"
Listen as Blake and Duke dissect what is well renowned as one of the worst movies ever made. But is it really? Or is it simply outsider art with more to say than the studio system could handle?

Premieres Friday, Dec 6th  9pm Eastern



Duke Raulston is an actor and writer. He is one third of the creative energy behind Tennessee Macabre where he plays the Grim Reaper. He avid writes and reads horror and fantasy. He has published several short stories and is currently working on his first novel, Redemption. Horror is not his only love. Duke co-hosted a Rock and Roll podcast called the Jukebox from Mars. He loves to cook and eat great food. He is a lover of fine beer, fine wine, and of course great coffee!



Blake Ray is a writer, poet, and editor with many years of experience in the literary arts. A former professor and current punk musician, Blake also is the co-editor and co-founder of Pulp Factory E-Zine. He has had a love of sci-fi, horror, and weird fiction from a young age and has a special place in his heart for B-movies, grind house, and exploitation cinema.

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