Sit back, relax with a glass of whiskey, and settle in for tales from throughout history

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Image by Dave Hoefler


A political assassination, secret wives, drunken Irish fisherman, lewd petticoats, murderous husbands, and a diminutive little attorney from New York State who formed a religious "kingdom" within the borders of the United States, and crowned himself the "King" of Beaver Island. Learn about the Michigan legend you've never heard of on this edition of "Whiskey 'n Histrey"! 

Premiering Tuesday, June 15th @ 8:30pm Eastern


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Justin is a History loving whiskey appreciator. When Justin isn’t Podcasting, he’s hard at work in the Learning and Development industry, helping Corporations such as Shell, DOW, Domino’s, and Boeing, among others. Justin studied 20th century history back in College, and his curiosities in History have taken him on adventures throughout America and as far reaching as Vietnam. You can expect Justin to try and cram 100 pounds of history in a 10 gallon hat. But we promise we’re working with him to stay within the format.



Jon is a man who will talk about anything. Talk and talk and talk... literally about anything. Yes, Jim Brown, he's still talking. Knowledge about history is certainly not his strong suit but hanging out with friends and a bottle a Bourbon is one of his super powers. As Co-Founder of iLogic Media, Jon has made it a mission to help people launch or share their content while creating a community to assist each other into wider audiences and offer everyone's varying  experiences to truly grow each show into it's best possible version of their visions. Catch Jon on camera here, Draught 4 Upside's Fantasy Sports shows or behind the scenes producing content like The Grumpy Bunny and Pete's Pajama Party. He might not add much to fill the content of the history topics, but he will do more than his share of emptying the whiskey bottles.



Pete Kehoe is an award-winning composer, songwriter, vocalist, multi instrumentalist, arranger and producer living in northern Michigan. He has studied piano, french horn, composition, electronic music, and jazz theory at Interlochen, Aquinas College, WMU and CMU. He owns and  operates 231 Music LLC, a music production & recording facility, and  has composed & produced music for numerous cable television networks and programs, as well as TED videos, documentary films  (PBS, etc.), radio/TV commercials, and in 2011, won a Michigan Emmy Award for the documentary “Sacrifice & Honor: A Tribute To Northern  Michigan Veterans”.  

Pete is also a co-founder of Big Water Creative Arts, Inc., a 501c3 arts/ music education group that provides songwriting and instrumental  instruction to school aged children, developmentally challenged adults,  and seniors. He is currently on the executive board of BWCA  (secretary), and has been responsible for overseeing curriculum for each program that BWCA has offered.  

Pete’s interest in history stems from the teaching lineage on both sides of the family. Mom had a history minor, dad was a history and science  buff, and Mom, both grandmothers and one great grandmother were all  

teachers. A love for knowledge, especially historical knowledge, was  always at a premium in the Kehoe household. Thus, Pete reads a LOT of biographies and non-fiction.

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